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The Most Common Injuries

The back pain resulting from a bodybuilding session is in most cases of muscular origin. Indeed, it is a curvature of a muscle. This type of upper back pain left side rarely lasts more than a week.

However, the injury can be more serious. Indeed, if the effort has been too intense and you have not warmed up well, a muscle tear may occur. In which case the pain may be much more intense and you will need more time to heal.

Very rarely, back pain following a bodybuilding session can directly affect a joint of the back, that is to say an intervertebral disc. This occurs especially in exercises similar to those of weightlifting, or following a bad gesture or a fall, on the back for example.

Risks of evolution of
upper back pain left side after bodybuilding

In most cases, back pain after weight training takes the form of low back pain. It can also be back pain, but it happens very rarely after a weight training session. Indeed, it is especially the muscles of the lower back that are put to contribution.

When the pain is intense, but the back pain disappears after a few days, and at most after a few weeks, it is an acute low back pain commonly called lumbago or round of kidneys.

On the other hand, if the pain is less intense, disappears from time to time, and continues after several weeks, we talk about a chronic
upper back pain left side. However, chronic low back pain is not of muscular origin. In most cases, it is caused by osteoarthritis.

But if you continue to practice bodybuilding regularly without taking precautions for your back and regularly accumulating injuries and pains, you risk faster wear of discs in the form of chronic back pain.